Adrienne Cameron

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My current practice takes a post-colonial perspective of identity shaped by landscape, especially in response to migration and relocation caused by war and crisis. I am interested in the experiential face-to-face encounter between the viewer and the art, the consequent blurring of subject and object, of intention and experience. My hope is to prompt viewers to create their own narratives in response to my sculptured spaces and installations. At some point I would like to engage with viewer feedback, harvesting these narratives in audio files to create either new works or to build a new element into an existing work.

I am interested also in revulsion in response to the biological processes of secretion and excretion in the human body. Why is it that we so often see our bodies as abject? And why is it when having sex, or even when giving birth, we usually overcome this revulsion and find those same body products acceptable and even sexually arousing?

I would like the opportunity to engage with the challenges of the public art space. I consider public art encourages reflection and dialogue with a greater audience of many voices that question the boundaries of art and our relationship to it.

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