Joshua Lloyd

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I use geometric abstraction in my high key colourful paintings, taking colours from 1980’s and 90’s commercial and corporate design. Although usually created with a purpose to instruct or plot; building plans and city layouts become aesthetic subjects for my work in an attempt to blur the lines between art and architecture. The process behind my work echoes the architectural forms it is abstracted from, with a significant part of my practice being the meticulous planning building up to each individual piece.
I use a variety of household and traditional paints, coupled with various material surfaces such as MDF, grey board, acrylic sheets and vinyl to give my work a more 3-dimensional element – allowing me to develop my paintings into more structural pieces, rejecting more archaic views on painting. The clean hard edges in my work suggest a pull/push between its two dimensional space and its object hood. concepts and ideologies such as Fordism, infrastructure and utopian societies directly inform my practice as I create abstract works which hold recognisable architectural elements.

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