Mike Chavez-dawson

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I have run a gallery in a publication, utilized alter egos as living portraits, interviewed deceased artists and cultural figures through spiritual mediums, created a cinema using hypnotism, represented artists’ unrealized ideas as contractual certificates, produced a live ‘exquisite corpse’ durational book that was written and performed live across a selection of art venues & libraries via a network of projectors & monitor displays, replicated iconic conceptual artworks as limited edition jewellery, scored & performed concrete poetry between two train stations, synthesized a series of artists residencies into a pop-­‐video-­‐cum-­‐ critical essay, produced textiles based on my ext-­‐Rorschach performance paintings which have then been upholstered onto period furniture, and designed soft-­‐toys, synthesized various shows/arts festivals into ‘taste-­‐ portraits’ via sorbet, curated bespoke limited edition loose-­‐leaf tea and given/devised gallery tours & interventions posing as estate agents, crime-­‐solving detectives, revolutionaries and twins.

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