Paul Minott

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Paul Minott worked as a leading graphic designer for over thirty years, working for numerous international design consultancies in London and abroad. He ran a successful partnership in London before embarking on a teaching career at Bath Spa University.
He moved to Bath to devote more time to making art including painting, books, filmmaking, curation and his biggest passion, monoprinting.
According to Paul, monoprinting takes him right back to the two fundamental appeals of graphic design: real ink on real paper, and a mechanical process that mediates between intention and realisation.

In Paul Minott’s words: “Ultimately, my monoprints are all about experimentation. It’s like using an etching press to paint pictures in the dark; the magic that occurs between the blankets can never be entirely known beforehand, and one feels one’s way with each successive stage. Setting out with only a slight notion, often just a shape or a colour, one sets in motion a sequence of events that take on a life of their own. A finished print is resolved when the components coexist in either conflict or harmony. I never know which until it’s over, when it finally suggests something that was there all along.”


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