Peter Ayres

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Beep Studio Director Peter Ayres is an architect and designer with an eye for special projects. Through years in globally renowned design practices he has refined skills for concept generation and development, and for communicating these concepts effectively to a broad audience. Past projects range from a sculptural seafront café in England to a funereal aviary in Mumbai; striking, high concept ideas presented with maximum, show-stopping impact. Complementing this, a background in conservation architecture gives him the skills to enhance existing buildings quietly and with sensitivity. Beep Studio exists to make life more interesting through design, architecture, making & ideas.

The Studio exists to make life more interesting by making good designs for the many. It brings good people together in order to create engaging, stimulating projects. A small practice, Beep Studio is versatile and flexible to suit the needs of its clients. Beep sees good projects as the result of allowing designs to develop through robust working processes. These have evolved with the practice, and are responsive to suit clients needs. The Studio values all perspectives, and invests significant time listening to clients and users.


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