Ce Serait Ideal – Peter Coates

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This Would Be Ideal

‘Instead of making it, I just use something readymade’ – Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp used readymade objects to be presented as art in

‘Instead of buying it new, I recycle and remake’ – Peter Ronald Coates

I use found and sourced materials; through dismantling and reassembling

I give the objects a new life and present them as art.

I was inspired by the outdoor WCs, also known as ‘Pissoirs’, of France and the highly polished brass and copper of the public toilets on the Minerva pier in Hull.

The combination of our ageing population and the lack of public toilets, means most buildings with a WC (if you can reach them in time) only let paying customers use the facilities. With this free standing and movable WC that problem is avoided. On needing a wee, the pissoir would be steered to the nearest sink, then in the privacy of your personal urinal, you can relieve yourself and avoid the stress of not quite making it.

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