Font – Lindy Norton

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My work explores everyday objects and rooms in a reflective context. Duchamp’s ‘Ready Made’ sculptures are objects taken out of context to amplify their intrinsic qualities: Duchamp’s appointed objects reveal new characteristics in their new role. My response was to engrave a dry point etching ‘Font’ as homage to Duchamp. The image contains a urinal on a plinth, rather like a font in a church. The window above the font, back lights some of Duchamp’s chess pieces; chess became his major life interest. The light framed shadows on either side of the window reflect not the chess pieces as you would expect, but some of Duchamp’s selected objects. The window illuminates a shrine celebrating a urinal, and light from the window forms a cross; a symbol of reverence, a place of contemplation with spiritual reflections of Duchamp’s work.

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