For Your Pleasure – Neville Gabie

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Urinal drinking fountain. Edition of 6

The influence of Marcel Duchamp on art and artists over the last century
has significantly shaped our thinking. In effect we have all been drinking
from the conceptual legacy of that urinal.

I wanted to make this evident in such a way that it implicates all those
who choose to drink. As Duchamp did, I am playing with our thought
associations with an object; what we bring to it in our already formed
understanding of a specific item’s use. What would it be like to drink
from something we are familiar with using in a completely dierent

So the changes I have made are deliberately minimal. It was also essential
that this drinking fountain was made using the same design and
production methods used in the mass-production of any white
chinaware. I want the work to acknowledge, even celebrate the
production line. But those small changes actually required significant
remodelling and remoulding.

The opportunity to spend some time in Armitage was a rare privilege and
one I will treasure. My thanks in particular go to Chris and Mick for their
skill, knowledge and humour in teaching me something of their trade.
One drawback, I now cannot but help scrutinise the shape, form and
fittings of every urinal I need to make use of. Thanks for that!

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