Fount Object – Peter Ayres

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Watercolour paper, Glue

Beep Studio, 2017

When Marcel Duchamp put a urinal on display as Fountain, the intent was not solely to shock: it was also an invitation to examine a fascinating and sensuous sculptural form.

Beep Studio’s Fount Object accepts this invitation by recreating the original object in a sensitive and fragile medium; paper. By translating the swooping shape of the original ceramic form into sheet material, the sculpture breaks down its geometry and reassembles it anew.

Following careful geometric analysis of the original ‘Fountain’, a new sculpture evolved through hand sketches, physical paper models, and 3D digital tests. Stages of expansion, healing, mirroring, rippling, and simplification led to a final computer model. From this, a flat pattern was extracted, printed, and transferred to high quality watercolour paper for construction at full scale.

The finished object is both highly specific and somewhat enigmatic. Whilst the point of departure can still be found amongst its many curves, other associations with natural forms might come more easily come to mind. The contrast between the crisp, fragile paper and robust but smoothly flowing porcelain heightens the pleasing tension between form and medium. The proposal continues Beep Studio’s exploration of the sculptural potential of paper and ceramics.”

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