Head of the Acrobat – John Davies

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I am delighted to show this little ‘Head of the Acrobat’ in Hull where I was a student at the Art School 1964-67, a lifetime ago. Hull: a city I have such vivid memories of, as exotic as Paris to my young self, a city as I remember it of ships and trawlers, even in the centre of town. Now its people’s great resilience that have given it a new identity.

I always like mould making and the appearance of the clay when it has its first thin coating of plaster; it looks ‘other’, as if not made by me. So glazing the head is a good way to explore this, to make something a new (and surprising).

Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ has been fascinating us since its creation. There are no rules for artists, it seems to tell us; except our own which we are free to break.

Note: the original ‘Acrobat’ figures (1981-1984) are in the collection of the
Institut Valencià d’Art Modern.

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