Marcel’s Last Word – Peter and Gillian Byrom-Smith

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Peter Byrom Smith – music

Gillian Byrom-Smith – words

The soundscape uses both musical tone and spoken words to evoke the question, ‘is this art’? As we look round the gallery space the music takes us on a slow, visual, cajoling walk around the exhibits, our minds responding to the never ending question, ‘what is art’? The question remains as relevant today as when Duchamp first posed it with his Fountain in 1917. As we promenade we imagine we can hear peoples’ thoughts as they question and answer their own perceptions of artistic reality. Also is this soundscape art? A mixture of instrumental sounds embellished with spoken questions – are these words random or organised thought? Although the music seems to be the underlying part of the work, the spoken words interject and question the music, the exhibition, the gallery and art. Only you and I can decide and give the final word; what is art? ‘The artist produces nothing until the onlooker has said, “You have produced something marvellous”. The onlooker has the last word on it’. Marcel Duchamp.

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