MinD over MatteR – Ben Kelly

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Six dollar submision
R. Mutt 1917 – B. Mutt 2017
Marcel dechiravit. “Marcel tore this quickly” Self-portrait in profile.

Chocolate Grinder
On New Year’s Day 1913 Duchamp was, as usual, visiting has parents, who had moved to Rouen after his father had retired. Wandering through the town’s narrow streets, he came across the Gamelin chocolate shop which he had not seen for several years. The rhythmic beat of the steam engine with its balance wheel was still driving the chocolate grinder in the window as it had since the middle of the previous century. He looked at the mixer with its heavy granite wheels, and realised that this mechanism was indispensable to bachelors who are well known to grind their own chocolate. He was in no doubt that here was one of the elements of The Bachelors’ Machine with which he wanted to confront The Bride he had made in Munich. The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even.

Fresh Widow
L’etoile au Front
Comet haircut
Art, money and shitte
Mutt / Mott
Made Ready

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