Neither Recreation nor Rendition – Adam John Wilson

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Each of the drawings on the surface of my urinal was created in situ and from life, using a continuous single line drawing process. They constitute a form of drawing journal that spanned several weeks’ worth of my time. The qualities of each drawing vary, some more tentatively vague while others are direct and densely descriptive. This makes them as much reflection of the state of mind I was in whilst undertaking the act of mark marking, as they are a recording of the observed incidentals of an event. Some that I anticipated would be character studies revealed themselves to be more about objects, the figures or my friends or family lost in the ambiguity of the unfolding responsiveness of the drawing process.

I have found that for me, the endeavour of drawing can be equal parts gratifying and frustrating. So, the thing that makes this drawing process so compelling to engage with, is that it is driven by two contradictory impulses. Firstly to keep the constantly mobile pen in contact with the drawing surface and secondly to trace some of what I am seeing. This causes a dynamic interaction to occur between the rules of the process driven technique and the parallel intent to record and depict observation from life. By drawing this way, without pre-planning or any acute concern for representational accuracy, a balance is struck between skill and happenstance. It embraces a degree of failure to circumvent the creative paralysis caused by seeking perfection.

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