Untitled – Desmond Brett

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My intention for Fountain17 is to make a sculpture that represents itself as an emergent form that is neither specific in recognition nor entirely detached from a kind of figuration that embodies matter, change and possibly something protean. The work acknowledges the habit of shewing gum spat into urinals and is glazed to suggest the wetness of fresh gum impressed upon a part of the body that is seldom seen and ejected from the mouth.

Bataille’s pornographic novel ‘Story of the Eye’ was written under the pseudonym ‘Lord Auch’, a name that derives from the French slang for scolding someone by sending them to the toilet. His concept of Base Materialism challenges order and his book ‘The Accursed Share’ presents luxury as a non-recoupable economy which is energy expended and therefore waste. The notion of human waste and the means with which it is dealt with, both at a biological and socio-economic level, is relevant to my thinking around my work, especially when considering the elevation of Duchamp’s Fountain.

With the opportunity to work in a factory that makes ceramic ware products from clay (a colloquialism for human waste), I have attempted to make a sculpture that positions something often overlooked, intimate and hidden into a pean to chewing and thinking.

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