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Play the Fountain 17 Showreel.

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Upcoming Events

27 March - 25 April Education exhibition, Brodrick Gallery, Hull School of Art and Design, Queens Gardens, HU1 3DG
01 April - 14 May Artist Exhibition Kingston Art Gallery (KAG), 26 - 27 Humber Street, HU1 4DP
01 April - 14 May Artist Exhibition Eleven, 12 Humber Street, HU1 1TG
01 April - 14 May Artist Exhibition Humber St Gallery, 64 Humber Street, HU1 1TN
23 May - 25 May Clerkenwell Design Week
06 September - 28 October Fountain 17 exhibition at the Gladstone Pottery Museum and Stoke Biennial
09 September Gladstone Pottery Museum Open Day. Free entry to Fountain 17 exhibitiion
07 October Fountain 17 Open Day at the Gladstone Pottery Museum. Lectures, performances and artist visits.
24 March Opening of the student and community exhibition, Brodrick Gallery HSAD: 18:00 – 20:00
29 March Visiting Speaker Andi Dakin (sculptor) and project overview – HSAD lecture theatre: 12.30 ‐ 13.30
01 April Official Fountain 17 launch at Humber St Gallery, 64 Humber Street, HU1 1TN Screenings and Performances from 12:30
05 April Visiting Speaker Helen List (art/design historian)‐ HSAD lecture theatre: 12.30 ‐ 13.30
25 April Critical discussion event – HSAD (Tuesday evening): 18:00 – 20:00
26 April Visiting Speaker Jesc Bunyard (sound artist) – HSAD lecture Theatre: 12.30 – 13.30
03 May Visiting speakers Rob Walton & Russell Coleman – HSAD lecture theatre: 12.30 ‐ 13.30
03 May Critical discussion event KAG (Wednesday Evening): 19:00 – 21:00
06 May Art workshop - 'Embrace your Inner Surrealist' run by Lauren Saunders at Artlink 10:30 - 12:30
06 ‐ 13 May Hack and Host intervention
13 May Closing event/performance, Mike Chavez‐Dawson 2.17pm at KAG, 26 Humber Street

Latest News

Fountain 17 moves to Gladstone Pottery Museum, Stoke

Fountain17, an exhibition of Duchamp-inspired art, has opened at Stoke on Trent’s Gladstone Pottery Museum as part of the on-going 200th anniversary celebrations of iconic local business, Armitage Shanks. The exhibition was originally a highlight of Hull’s City of Culture 2017 programme. Since then, it has been on display in London. Its’ move to Stoke […]

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Fountain 17 Launch Day Video

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Fountain 17 Closing Ceremony in Hull Video

Saturday 13th May saw the closing ceremony of Fountain 17 in Hull. Mike Chavez Dawson, artist and curator performed a live closing event alongside Ruby Tingle.,. followed by a procession through the streets of Hull with a black urinal which was lowered into the Humber. The performance represented the spirit of rebirth as the exhibition […]

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Fountain 17 launches

Fountain 17 launches in London Fountain 17 was launched in London during Clerkenwell Design Week 24-26 May 2016. At an evening event, Andi Dakin (artist) gave a talk about Marcel Duchamp and Robin Levien (product designer)  revealed his ready made back to back urinal, which he invited a guest from the audience to smash two digits game with […]

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Fountain 17 Opening in Hull video

On Saturday June 4th 2016 Fountain 17 officially opened in Hull. Artists were invited to an opening event to learn more about the project, how they could get involved and discuss opportunities to work in the Armitage factory.

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Artist visit Armitage and interview video

In October 2016 Artists were invited to visit the Armitage Factory in Staffordshire. Artists had the chance to see how sanitary ware is made and the opportunity to discuss their artworks with ceramic engineers. During the day, artists were interviewed about their work and views on Marcel Duchamp’s clash royale hack 2017 Fountain.     […]

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